Enquête : Le mystère des épaves de vaisseaux Starfarer à Yela

Enquête : Le mystère des épaves de vaisseaux Starfarer à Yela

Résolvons ensemble le mystère des 2 épaves de Starfarer dans la ceinture d'astéroïdes de Yela. A qui appartenaient ces vaisseaux, et que leur est-il arrivé ?

Tout d'abord, il faut savoir qu'ils ont fait leur apparition avec la version 2.6 de Star Citizen. De mon côté, j'ai mené une campagne de récupération d'informations afin d'avoir le maximum d'éléments en main. J'ai découvert en fouillant en profondeur sur Reddit que cette zone fait en fait l'objet de la 9ème mission ICC. Il faut bien sûr au préalable avoir terminé les 8 autres !

Les données

Pour commencer, je vous propose de consulter les données que j'ai pu collecter, récupérées des différents datapads à bords des deux vaisseaux détruits. Si vous n'êtes pas à l'aise avec l'anglais, je vous propose de vous rendre directement à la fin, pour la synthèse !

Possiblement liée, voici une transmission que l'on reçoit en visitant le secteur de Yela

Yela Travel Advisory

A Travel Advisory is in effect for all ships near Yela (Stanton 2c)

Although the area is heavily policed by Crusader, outlaw groups are currently known to operate in the area and attacks are still possible. The majority of the ambushes have been reported in the asteroid field located near Yela. Crusader Security strongly recommends that travelers carefully evaluate the risks to their personal safety, and when possible, avoid travel in the region all together.

This Travel Advisory authorized by Sasha Rust, Security Director, Crusader Security

Ensuite, les données provenant du Starfarer de la Freund Family Fuel.

C. Clark – Recovered Comm
Aviar Employee Datapad – Christina Clark
From : Adena Freund
To : Christina Clark
Subject : Guess what ?

Christina... I know it's you, and I have the dates to prove it. Bet you think it was so slick of you to sell info on our operations to Avivar. Don't think I'm going to let you get away with it either. You best watch your back, because one day you'll turn around and see me standing there. Then you'll have to answer for what you did to me and my family.

Consider this comm a courtesy. Stop selling out info on us to Avivar, and get out of Stanton as fast as you can. 'Cause if we ever cross paths, it won't end well for you.

A. Freund – Recovered Comm
Freund Family Fuel Employee Datapad – Adena Freund
From : Christina Clark
To : Adena Freund
Subject : I'm done

Seriously, screw you guys. Three runs. I've done three runs for you and still haven't gotten paid. You aren't the only ones with debts to pay and while this maybe be your family business, it sure as hell isn't mine.

Maybe if you guys actually made sure your clients paid on time this wouldn't happen. More than once I've seen Jameis tell clients to pay him whenever it's convenient. Guess I shouldn't be surprised this happened. Freund Family Fuel may be fine with doing a hard day's work and not getting paid, but the hell if I am. I'll be filling a breach of contract or lost wages complaint or whatever the hell they're called against you both the second I'm off this tub.

T. Moyo – Recovered Comm
Freund Family Fuel Employee Datapad – Ty Moyo
From : Ty Moyo
To : Jameis Freund
Subject : Ship Evaluation

Hey Jameis,

So, I did what you asked, I've done a full assessement of the ship in its current state and come to a ballpark value. It... well, there's a lot more work to be done around here than I first thought. I added about half a dozen other fixes to my punch list today... you know what, we should probably talk about this in person. That way I can explain how I got to my total. Fair warning, I don't think you'll be thrilled with the news.

I know you told me to hold off on repairs for the time being, but I noticed something today that's a little worrying. The power plant's having power spikes under normal operations. Could be a busted regulator or something, but it's best not to strain the system until I figure out what's going on. Might have to do with those repairs I did to the shield genny the other day. Won't know until I run a full diagnostic.

Also, I tweaked a few things on the turret for the kid. He wouldn't stop complaining about how slow and unresponsive it was, so I made a few minor adjustments just to keep him quiet about it. Kid's eager, and works his tail off, but he's as green as they come.

One last thing, I've been thinking about your last message, taking Avivar's buyout seems like the best plan. Know your Dad wouldn't be happy about it, but he'd understand.

Oh, and tell your sister before you go through with it. She definitely won't like it, but you owe her that much.

J. Freund – Recovered Comm
Freund Family Fuel Employee Datapad – Jameis Freund
From : Jameis Freund
To : Adena Freund
Subject : I'm sorry
Auto-send planned

Hey, Adena... if I know you at all, you're probably not talking to me.

First, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the meeting with Avivar. I knew you'd be against talking to them, but I couldn't risk it not happening. You have every right to be angry at me for keeping it from you, but you know how you get sometimes. Honestly, I don't know how to handle you when you get all worked up. You've been that way since we were kids. Remember that incident with Mom's Cutlass ? Guess I wanted to avoid all that drama until everything was official.

See... Dammit, it's hard to admit this to you... Freund Family Fuel is running deep in the red and I don't see a way out. I did... I did everything I could to try and find a way out, put the house up as collateral for a loan... but nothing worked. Just dumb luck I guess.

Selling to Avivar is our only option to stay flying with some creds in our pockets and a shred of dignity. I know you'd argue with all your heart against it, but you don't know the numbers like I do. This system's a different place since Dad started all of this. Dad never had to hire a full time turret gunner for protection. Competition's grown so fierce that the low fuel prices can't cover our skyrocketing costs. At least if we operate under Avivar's banner, we'll have some support during these tough times. The business may not be in our name after this, but it'll still be ours.

I know you hate me right now, but just remember that, as your brother, I love you and only want to do what's best for all of us. Well, whenever you're ready to talk, I'll be here.

S. Totland – Recovered Comm
Freund Family Fuel Employee Datapad – Simon Totland
From : Simon Totland
To : Ben Totland
Subject : Checking in

Hey man,

I got chewed out again today. Guess I didn't get to the turret fast enough. Adena Kept yelling at me that we'd all be dead if the ship was really under attack.

But it's not like I was dragging my heels, I've just never been on a ship that size before. It's so easy to get turned around on this thing. Almost feels like someone designed this ship specifically for people to get lost on.

Ty keeps telling me not to worry about it. He keeps reminding me that nobody's first run goes smoothly. Told me yesterday that « the only way you learn is by living. » This would all be super overwhelming if he wasn't here. Not to say it's not nice to talk to you about these things too, but by the time this message reaches you and you have the time to respond, sometimes the moment's passed.

Heard the Captain and his sister arguing again last night. I'm not sure if they realize how loud they are or maybe they don't care. Had to crank up the volume on my mobi to drown them out, but then I got worried I'd miss a call to get to the turret, so I turned it back down. Still not sleeping very well. Every little bumb wakes me up, then it takes forever to get back to sleep.

At least I'm making some creds and gaining some experience. Once I get paid, I'll send a portion to Mom. Maybe now that both of us are working things will be a bit easier for her. Oh did you ever find out how much experience deckhands need on your ship ? How great would that be to work this same ship. Sure Mom would love it too. Both her boys, exploring the stars together. Just like she always dreamed.

Crap... gotta run. Talk again soon, brother.

Ensuite, voilà les données découvertes à bord du Starfarer appartenant à Avivar :

G. Walsh – Recovered Comm
Aviar employee Datapad – Galen Walsh
From : Galen Walsh
To : Summer Davis
Subject :RE : 3rd Draft Revisions

Summer, I think I figured it out. I was just on the bridge for the last few hours, bored outta my mind, and it hit me like a lightning bolt. Had to sneak away so I could get this idea to you before I forget it.

What if, at the end of the party scene, we reveal the ship has a smuggler's compartment that Hector didn't know about. So he's had the magical relic on board the entire time. That's why the pirates don't want to damage the ship and destroy what's onboard.

Plus, it gives 'em a reason to board the ship and take him hostage instead of blowing him out of the sky. Then we can keep that scene we love where he's locked in that cell and...

I gotta run. Cap keeps yelling for me over comm. But you get the idea, right ? Roll that around in your mind for a bit, and I'll call you the second Cap gets off my back.

P. Sarafian – Recovered Comm
Aviar Employee Datapad – Patricia Sarafian
From : Patricia Sarafian
To : Matias Devi
Subject : Status Report

Hi Mr. Devi, it's Patricia with my weekly check-in. This has been a good week for Avivar in the Stanton System. I closed that contract I was telling you about last week. Had to cut them a deal, but like you say, once they experience Avivar's amazing service, we've got 'em for good. That gives us three in the system. A few more clients like this and we'll be turning a profit in no time.

In either good news, I've been able to convince a local fuel concern, Freund Family Fuel, to meet with me about a possible buyout. They've been around for decades and have a number of primo contracts. I've drafted the offer so it allows them to operate under the Avivar name as long as they maintain our standards. Considering the state of their ship and employees records, it shouldn't be hard to get rid of them following the first performance review. It's their contracts that we really want. Not their aging Starfarer. Will let you know when I'm closing in on a deal so you can give it final approval.

I know I've only been here for a fex months, but I see a lot of potential in Stanton and have some big plans. Just give me the time and I'll give you this system.

I'll be in touch next week.

Et enfin, voici les données de vol d'urgence de chaque vaisseau, qui concernent ce qu'il s'est passé durant les dernières minutes à leur bord.

Emergency Flight Data (EDR-7D093)

Ship RegTag #SC4V-L8212R / Freund Family Fuel

CAP. JAMEIS FREUND : Adena, sending you coordinates. Make sure we quantum in just shy so we can run some scans and approach cautiously.

PILOT ADENA FREUND : That's the middle of nowhere. What are we looking for ?

CAP. JAMEIS FREUND : Just get us there. Then I'll explain everything.

PILOT ADENA FREUND : Jeez, fine. Don't need to bite my head off. Just thought it might be good to for the pilot to know what we're getting into.

PILOT ADENA FREUND : Quantum complete.

CAP. JAMEIS FREUND : Proceed to the coordinates while I run some scans.

PILOT ADENA FREUND : Enough with all the mystery, J. You finally gonna tell me what this is all about ?


PILOT ADENA FREUND : The hell are they doing here ? Kid, you in the turret ? We got some unwanted company up ahead.

GUNNER SIMON TOTLAND : In position and tracking the ship.

CAP. JAMEIS FREUND : Everyone, calm down. We're here to meet them.

PILOT ADENA FREUND : The hell you talking about, Jameis ? Why are we meeting the buggers that've been stealing ours clients ?

CAP. JAMEIS FREUND : They just want to talk about...

PILOT ADENA FREUND : This is why you wouldn't tell me where we're going. We got nothing to say to these scumbags.

MECHANIC TY MOYO (unintelligible) : ...from the power plant.

CAP. JAMEIS FREUND : Hey, Ty. You dropped out at the start there. Can you repeat ?

PILOT ADENA FREUND : Avivar's done nothing but attack our business since they showed up in the system. For all we know they're here to finally wipe us out, pushing shields to max.

CAP. JAMEIS FREUND : Adena, wait. Ty, can you repeat what you just said ?




GUNNER SIMON TOTLAND : We're under attack ! Opening fire !

CAP. JAMEIS FREUND : Hold your fire.


Emergency Flight Data (EDR-163F3)

Ship RegTag #ST3L-309TOU / Aviar

GUNNER CHRISTINA CLARK : We've been sitting here for almost two hours. What's going on Cap ?

CAPTAIN PATRICIA SARAFIAN : Shoudln't be much longer.



CAPTAIN PATRICIA SARAFIAN : Scans just picked up something. You see it, Keyon ? Swing us in that direction while I focus in.


PILOT KEYON TYLER : Walsh, where'd you disappear to ? Need you at the shield station, pronto.

MISC CREW GALEN WALSH : On my way. Something I ate last night didn't quite agree with me.


CAPTAIN PATRICIA SARAFIAN : This is them. Kill all non-essential chatter. Bring us in good and close.


GUNNER CHRISTINA CLARK : Hey, am I reading these scans right ? Is that Freund Family Fuel ?

CAPTAIN PATRICIA SARAFIAN : I said cut the chatter.

GUNNER CHRISTINA CLARK : What are they doing here ?

CAPTAIN PATRICIA SARAFIAN : That's not your concern.


CAPTAIN PATRICIA SARAFIAN : I said don't worry about it.

CAPTAIN PATRICIA SARAFIAN : Walsh ? I need you here now !

MISC CREW GALEN WALSH : Almost there...


PILOT KEYON TYLER : Woah... anyone else catch that sig spike ? What the... incoming fire !

GUNNER CHRISTINA CLARK : I knew it was a trap. Giving 'em everything I got.


PILOT KEYON TYLER : We're too close--



Ca en fait de la lecture, mais au moins le contexte et les faits sont plutôt précis ! Mettons tout ce scénario bout à bout afin de comprendre tout ça.

La Freund Family Fuel

La Freund Family Fuel est une entreprise familiale de ravitaillement en carburant, fondée par le père d'Adena et Jameis Freund. Adena est la pilote du Starfarer de la société, et son frère en est le capitaine. Ils opèrent avec leur équipage incluant le mécano Ty Moyo et le jeune Simon Totland dans le système Stanton. Une certaine Christina Clark a déjà travaillé pour eux mais faute d'être payée, cette dernière a fini par vendre des informations sur la Freund Family Fuel à une corporation toute puissante appelé Avivar Alliance, avant de quitter le navire pour aller travailler chez ces derniers. Adena, qui l'avait appris, n'avait pas manqué l'occasion de lui envoyer une transmission de "courtoisie".

La société ne va pas bien du tout et peine à réparer son Starfarer qui cumule les problèmes mécaniques, donnant à Ty Moyo une charge de travail trop importante pour qu'il puisse réparer au fur et à mesure, malgré son investissement. Un problème à bord du vaisseau préoccupe même ce dernier, sans solution immédiate.

Le capitaine Jameis Freund, qui ne voit pas d'issue à la situation; les problèmes du vaisseau additionnés à la dure concurrence et à la menace de pirates l'obligent à envisager de vendre l'affaire familiale à Avivar. Après un premier contact avec Patricia Sarafian, capitaine du Starfarer d'Avivar Alliance du système Stanton, une rencontre est organisée dans la ceinture d'astéroïde de Yela afin de conclure le rachat, tandis que Jameis ne trouve pas la force d'en parler à sa soeur avant, de peur que son fort tempérament compromette le "bon" déroulement des choses.

L'alliance Avivar

Nous ne pouvons nous faire qu'un petit aperçu de ce qu'est l'alliance Avivar et de ses activités. Il est fortement sous-entendu que cette corporation est très puissante, très riche et à l'image des supermarchés qui écrasent les petits commerçants et artisans, Avivar absorbe et détruit la concurrence. Arrivée plus récemment dans le système Stanton avec l'équipage du capîtaine Patricia Sarafian, Avivar s'est rapidement imposée en volant les clients des autres compagnies. Avec ses moyens financiers, Avivar n'a aucun mal à pratiquer des tarifs bas et un service qui bat son plein.

Chaque semaine, Patricia envoie à son supérieur hiérarchique un rapport d'activité. Dans le dernier, elle mentionne le prochain rachat de l'affaire Freund sans omettre de préciser qu'une fois les clients de ces derniers récupérés, ils seront tous limogés. En bref, Avivar c'est l'ambition malsaine du business qui ne laisse aucune place au social.

Avant les événements vers lesquels nous nous dirigeons, il est à préciser que Christina Clark, qui avait auparavant fait plusieurs courses pour la Freund, a rejoint l'équipage d'Avivar en tant qu'artilleuse.

Enfin, les deux autres membres connus sont Galen Walsh, un co-pilote un peu tire-au-flanc et Keyon Tyler, le pilote du vaisseau.

Tragique rencontre

Alors que le Starfarer d'Avivar est à l'arrêt, en attente de l'arrivée de la Freund, Jameis garde pour lui l'objectif de cette rencontre jusqu'au dernier moment, et seul Moyo est au courant du rachat. Finalement, une fois le vaisseau à la bannière Avivar en vue, Adena prend la défensive, et comprend - sans vouloir l'accepter - pourquoi son frère faisait tout un mystère de ce voyage. Cette dernière demande à Simon de se tenir prêt au canon et dirige l'énergie du vaisseau vers les boucliers.

Le vieux vaisseau de la Freund Family Fuel déclenche une alerte de surchauffe critique, qui enclenche la sirène. Dans la panique et croyant à une attaque, Simon engage le combat et commence à tirer sur Avivar. De l'autre côté, Christina Clark pense directement à un piège de la Freund et fait cracher ses canons tournés vers la société familiale. Et on se doute de ce que ça peut donner lorsque deux énormes vaisseaux remplis de carburants se tirent généreusement dessus. BOOM BADABOOM !

Levé de rideau, la scène est calme, froide. Seuls les bruits de tôle de deux épaves empêchent le silence spatial de faire son office.


Au final, c'est un mauvais mélange d'ambition, de stress et de désespoir qui a causé les événements de la ceinture de Yela. Des pirates dans les parages, des membres inexpérimentés, ou avec une mauvaise conscience qui les maintient sur la défensive : tout le monde était sur les dents.

Il n'y avait pas réellement de Grand Méchant, juste des circonstances malheureuses qui ont conduit deux équipages à leur perte.

C'est un peu l'histoire de notre société actuelle avec ses industries qui absorbent et vident commerçants et artisans pour nourrir leur ambition. J'espère que cette enquête très en profondeur vous aura plu en tous cas, car de mon côté, ça a été vraiment passionnant de suivre les pistes, d'analyser les données, d'assembler le puzzle !